Solution Pursuits

We specialise in building solutions using the Microsoft technology stack

Who we are

We are software developers at heart - specialise in building software using the Microsoft technolgoy stack. Our experience includes build ASP.Net MVC websites using SQL Server as back end database.

Budget conscious

We are just as good at picking up existing systems, understanding and building on them as most of don't have the luxury of starting afresh.

Better solutions through collaboration

Our goal is to arrive at an acceptable solution by working with you following good development practice.

What we do

Projects come in various shapes and sizes and can consist of different bits and bobs.

Web pages

From time to time businesses need new pages introduced or existing pages modified.


Using a new third party service or changing an existing one. Examples include address lookup's, payment providers and so on.

Background jobs

Jobs that run as scheduled tasks in the back ground.


Existing modules that require enhancements due to changes to business requirements or regulations.

Data migration

Moving data from one database to another or from one datastore to a different one.


Integration with third party analytics software.

Get in touch

For enquiries on our services, please write to us.